The families we serve face complex challenges in life, none of which can be addressed without focusing on their basic needs. In our program, 95% of families live below the federal poverty level, making food, clothing and shelter luxuries they struggle to afford. We offer immediate relief to struggling families. The road to self-sufficiency is never easy, so SHIELDS stands by parents to ensure they have what they need to create nurturing homes for their children. Each day, we see families make heroic strides toward success, and we are proud to be a part of their journey.

Family Standing with House's "For Sale" Sign

Housing Services

SHIELDS’ Supportive Housing services consist of 104 units of low-income housing for families enrolled in SHIELDS services. Residents receive substance abuse and mental health services, intensive case management, vocational support and life-skills training; making it much more than a home. Each housing complex consistently runs at full capacity to meet this critical need in our community.

  • Keith Village: Keith Village is an 86-unit apartment complex in the city of Compton. The facility, which contains a large community center, laundry facilities, and two playgrounds, is primarily for participants of SHIELDS’ Exodus Family Centered Treatment program.
  • Saraii Village: Saraii Village is an 18-unit low-income transitional housing complex, primarily for participants enrolled in the SHIELDS Eden Co-Occurring Program for substance abusing women and their families.
  • Homeless Family Solution System: The HFSS serves homeless individuals and families residing in South Los Angeles.
  • Rapid Re-Housing: The Rapid Re-Housing for Adults and Veterans (RRAV) program serves single adults and veterans seeking housing in the City of Los Angeles.

Food and Transportation Services

Van services are driver-978232_1280provided to transport program participants to program services, offsite medical appointments, and child care services.  In addition, participants are provided bus tokens, bus passes and taxi vouchers. Clothing and food is available on-site and through referral to local agencies. SHIELDS is a Food Bank provider, and receives funding through United Way of Greater Los Angeles to provide regular meals to program participants at a variety of locations.

  • Transportation: Our Transportation Department utilizes a fleet of 20 vans to transport families to SHIELDS programs and other needed services in the community.
  • Food BankOur Food Bank provides hot food, dry and canned food, and motel vouchers to families in need.


Legal Services

SHIELDS provides program participants with a variety of legal services in partnership with the Public Counsel Law Center.  Services include a walk-in Immigration Clinic for participants seeking answers to common immigration legal questions, a program dedicated to providing unaccompanied minors arriving in the United States connections to medical care and legal counsel, general legal advice clinics for participants in the Jordan Downs Family First program, and specialty legal clinics on criminal record expungements, child support, and other topics of interest to participants.

  • Legal ServicesLegal services are provided in partnership with Public Counsel Law Center, including an immigration clinic, representation for unaccompanied minors , and general legal advice clinics.