Dear Collaborative Partner Network:

We are pleased to announce that SHIELDS for Families, Inc. is a certified enrollment entity with Covered CA. In addition, we have a certified enrollment counselor on staff who can provide one-on-one, in-person assistance to guide consumers through the health insurance enrollment process.

Also, we have partnered with the California Family Resource Center to increase public awareness of the Affordable Care Act, Covered CA, and Qualified Health Plans offered through the health exchange.

We would be happy to host a booth at your community health fairs or arrange a presentation for your staff or families free of charge. Simply call our Behavioral Health Administrator, Vina Crum, at (323) 242-5000, extension 1261, to arrange.
In health and wellness!

Click HERE to download “Request for Covered Covered California Qualified Health Plan Enrollment Assistance”

Click HERE to download “Request for health Reform Outreach and Education Presentation”