SHIELDS for Families was awarded a grant of $95k for System Navigation Services to Adult Probationers and Department of Juvenile Justice Wards (Participants), at the County of L.A. Probation Area Offices located within Services Planning Area 6. The system navigation services will enable successful rehabilitation, of referred participants, into the community. SHIELDS will provide linkages between communities and service providers, eligibility determination, referral, advocacy, and facilitation of service coordination, to all referred participants.

The goal of the services is to provide participants with access to comprehensive services at the appropriate level. SHIELDS will educate participants about options of services; assist participants in the identification of  available services; and assist participants in obtaining social services and other community resources. The county anticipates making a minimum of 500 referrals to the Contractor for system navigation services. But the actual number of referrals will be based on the County’s needs. SHIELDS  will co-locate a designated staff person at the locate L.A. County Probation office full time weekly.

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