Did you know…

Working helps further recovery more than any other single thing – more than therapy, case management or medication alone

That is why SHIELDS for Families offers educational and vocational training and placement for all our clients! In fact, our CalWORKs Program utilizes the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment component to assist clients with gaining employment.

Here are some facts about IPS and a recent SHIELDS success story!

IPS is…

  • an evidence-based practice that was developed to help promote the recovery of people who have serious mental illness through work.
  • 3x more effective than other vocational approaches in helping people with mental illness to work competitively.
  • cost-effective, by helping forestall entry into the disability system and reduce Social Security expenditures; reducing agency services costs by 29%; and, saving $16,000 annually per client in treatment costs.
  • Improving long-term well-being through increased income, self-esteem, quality of life, and reduced symptoms with 40% of clients becoming steady workers and remaining competitively employed a decade later.

A SHIELDS CalWORKs IPS Success Story…

Ms. Mudahy felt helpless. Homeless, with a toddler in a stroller, she recalls living anywhere that offered shelter – inside a car or in a bug infested motel. For fear of violence, crime, drugs, and sexual assaults – she avoided seeking refuge in shelters.

She came to SHIELDS and was motivated by the chance to participate in the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) component of the Homeless CalWORKs Families Project (HCFP) – a program that would assist her with her specific needs.

LAHSA assisted Ms. Mudahy with housing and SHIELDS assisted her with case management and employment. With her goal of gaining employment set in her heart she committed to attending meetings weekly, followed up on classes provided by various collaborative agencies, and persevered through many barriers. As a result of her hard work and with the linkage and support of the IPS Program, Ms. Mudahy successfully gained employment! In fact, within her first year in IPS she’s had two jobs and saved enough money to leave the shelter and afford the moving fees for an apartment.  Additionally, she was linked to no-cost child care services for her toddler which lifted that barrier to maintaining her employment.

Overall, Ms. Mudahy stated…

“This is a wonderful opportunity for women to get their lives on the right track – I am so happy I was made aware of the opportunity!” Through this experience I never felt judged and have gained confidence and self-sufficiency. I got everything needed to simultaneously pursue an education and my career goals. After the program I know I’ll continue to use all of the information, tools and strategies to resolve conflict and issues in my life. I now have a real support system outside of the SHIELDS network of helping hands which enables me to be a productive member of society – paying my own way in the world feels good.”