The USC School of Social Work stated, “Each year, the Field Faculty at USC select an agency that they agree has been outstanding in their collaboration with our school in the education of social work students. This year, the field faculty enthusiastically nominated and selected SHIELDS for Families for its distinguished service to the USC School of Social Work. Your work with the school of social work has made an outstanding contribution to the quality of our program and you have helped to shape the professional careers of students that have been fortunate enough to work with you.” 

On Monday May 6th, SHIELDS CEO Kathy Icenhower and Training Administrator Kimberly Medvin, both USC School of Social Work Alumnae, accepted the AGENCY OF THE YEAR AWARD at the USC School of Social Work’s annual Field Education Luncheon. SHIELDS was honored to receive this recognition for our dedication to providing effective hands-on experience that helps prepare students for the Social Work profession. CONGRATULATIONS Kimberly Medvin, the SHIELDS for Families Training Department, and all SHIELDS Field Instructors and Preceptors agency-wide!


Claudia Chavarria
Tameika Gonder
Alison Greiner
Cheryl Gully
Irene Lanier
Stephanie Moss
Leah Niehaus
Ingrid Rey Balbuena
Jennifer Reynosa
Lauren Rochelle
Sara Rodas
Wesley Carlin
Claudia Chavarria
Phil Erlich
Marcela Garcia
Tamieka Gonder
Alison Greiner
Cheryl Gully
Rita Haddad
Anita Hall
Irene Lanier
Niija McMillon
Kim Medvin
Stephanie Moss
Leah Niehaus
Daniel Oakley
Ingrid ReyBalbuena
Jen Reynosa
Lauren Rochelle
Sara Rodas
Bianca Deanda
Brandon Dearen
Erin Fairchild
Collette James
Geoffrey Jones
Murray Kaufmann
Erika Llamas
Corinna Lopez
Vynette Moore
Alison Quals
Audrey Tousant

Other great news in the SHIELDS Training Department…

Click HERE to read an article about our recent partnership with the USC School of Social Work to pilot a Training Institute for Master’s Level Social Work students

SHIELDS for Families trains students at various educational levels in a variety of positions and placements across the agency, including Masters in Social Work (MSW) interns who were required to present macro social work projects in a showcase to SHIELDS Program Managers, Administrators, and Executives. Attendees walked through, asked questions, and spoke directly to students about the details of their projects, and then provided feedback for each student. Some of the projects included evidence-based career training for clients, health resource navigation – linkage – and program implementation, resource development, and needs assessments, and a few of the ideas were actually implemented throughout the agency.

Macro Social Work Practice is central to the development of services and the well-being of communities so SHIELDS applauds the interns for exercising their skills in this area.

For more information about SHIELDS Training Department click HERE

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