On June 25, 2014, SHIELDS VP of Family and Community Services, Charlene Smith, MA, and Behavioral Health Administrator Vina Crum, MA MFT, together conducted a National Webinar on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for the MCHB (Maternal Child Health Bureau) under the auspices of HRSA (Health Resources Services Administration).

The purpose of the webinar was to learn about MCHB grantees’ experiences in implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It shared information specific to SHIELDS including our local MCH population enrollment data, highlights from successes and challenges for South Los Angeles outreach efforts, and strategies used to educate and support families to access and understand the value of health insurance.

Charlene and Vina’s webinar reached over 70 grantees and participants noted that it was helpful to hear “real stories” from on the ground.  Sharing the SHIELDS for Families experience will encourage and support other grantees as they advance efforts to help families access, understand and use health insurance.

For more information about this webinar contact: 

Charlene Smith csmith@shieldsforfamilies.org or Vina Crum vcrum@shieldsforfamilies.org