The Founders Team Of SHIELDS For Families

Behind every successful organization are the people who won’t settle for anything less. Kathy Icenhower, Norma Stoker-Mtume, and Xylina Bean harnessed this indomitable spirit when they formed SHIELDS in 1991. These women embody the heart and soul of the organization. When most had turned their backs on the South Los Angeles community, they defied the odds and created an organization that changes lives.

Today, the executive management team of SHIELDS continues to break the mold. In an age where the average turnover rate among nonprofit employers is 21% and employee retention is a common problem, 100% of the original management team is still in place and going strong. They credit their success as a team to their shared vision, a commitment to the organization’s mission, and a passion for helping children and families.

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Kathryn S. Icenhower, PhD, LCSW
Founder of SHIELDS for Families
Norma Mtume
MA Health Services, MA MFT
Founder of SHIELDS For Families