Girl Reaching for a LeafFor more than 25 years, SHIELDS has provided a comprehensive continuum of services to the South Los Angeles community to help vulnerable children and families succeed. SHIELDS is a leader in the field; our focus on Community and Family Services has deeply influenced Los Angeles’ child-welfare initiatives, policies and procedures. Whether it is protecting a child from harm or supporting a family struggling to stay together, our programs ensure that children grow up in safe, nurturing homes.

Family Services

SHIELDS knows that the early years of life are among the most critical and most vulnerable for a child—a time when a child needs stability and family support. SHIELDS provides a variety of programs for high-risk pregnant and interconceptional women and their children. Services provided include culturally competent primary medical and behavioral health services, outreach, enrollment in health insurance, case management, health education and promotion, interconceptional care, screening for a wide variety of maternal and child health conditions, and linkage and referral.

  • Welcome Baby: SHIELDS’ Welcome Baby program serves pregnant and parenting women and their children ages 0-5. The program is available at no cost  to South Los Angeles families who deliver or plan to deliver at one of 3 participating Welcome Baby hospitals, including St. Francis Medical Center, Centinela Hospital, and Martin Luther King Community Hospital.
  • Home VisitationSHIELDS’ Home Visiting program serves at-risk pregnant and parenting women and their children ages 0-5 who are referred through SHIELDS’ Welcome Baby program.
  • Healthy StartSHIELDS’ Healthy Start program serves pregnant and interconceptional women and their children ages 0-2 who reside in the South Los Angeles community.
  • Child Development CentersSHIELDS’ Child Development Centers provide services to children 0-5 years of age and their parents who are enrolled in a SHIELDS program.


Child Welfare Services

SHIELDS knows that child abuse is preventable. That is why we are participating in county-wide initiatives to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect, and are currently contracted with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services to provide a full continuum of child welfare programs. A full continuum of services is offered on-site and through linkage including six (6) Family Resource centers strategically located across the service area, home-based case management, counseling, crisis intervention, education on health and life skills, concrete support services, intensive services, social support, child development center and early childhood education, psychotherapy and capacity building.

  • ACT/PFF (Achieving Change Together/Partnerships for Families): SHIELDS’ ACT/PFF program serves high-risk families referred from the Department of Children and Family Services as well as pregnant women with risk factors for child maltreatment.
  • APSS (Adoption Promotion and Support Services): SHIELDS’ APSS program serves families who are referred by and/or involved in the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)/ Department of Probation adoption process.
  • ASK/PAS (Prevention and Aftercare): SHIELDS’ ASK/PAS program serves South Los Angeles on a walk-in basis through our six Family Resource Centers.
  • Family Preservation: SHIELDS’ Compton Family Preservation Network provides both Family Preservation and Alternative Response services to families at-risk for child abuse and neglect.
  • MAT (Multidisciplinary Assessment Team): SHIELDS’ MAT provides services to families and children ages 0-21 who are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).
  • POE/UFA (Point of Engagement/Up-Front Assessments): SHIELDS’ POE/UFA program serves families and children involved in the child welfare system.


Youth Services

Children and youth growing up in South Los Angeles face myriad challenges to obtaining the knowledge
and skills necessary for academic and vocational success.  SHIELDS’ Youth Services programs aim to both improve the academic experience for children and youth, as well as to strengthen the community by reducing teen drug abuse and pregnancy, preventing violence, and teach parents to be constructively involved in their children’s education.  Our Youth Services programs provide academic enrichment, prevention and early intervention, and mental health services, including classroom instruction, individual tutoring, case management, social skill development, recreational services, and mental health counseling.

  • Heros and Sheros: SHIELDS’ Heros & Sheros Program serves children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 whose parents are enrolled at SHIELDS.
  • College Bridge Academy: SHIELDS’ College Bridge Academy, operational in two locations in Compton and Watts, is a grade 9-12 charter school which targets youth who have dropped out or been expelled from traditional school systems.
  • Camp Mariposa: Camp Mariposa is a weekend camp, funded by the Moyer Foundation, which provides an addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth impacted by the substance abuse of a family member.


Community Services

SHIELDS’ Cocity-701087_640mmunity Services are designed to address a broad spectrum of factors that affect the economic stability and well-being of residents of the South Los Angeles community.  Services provided include adult vocational and educational training; housing search, location, and placement services; re-entry services, and DUI, anger management, and domestic violence services.


  • Adult Vocational and Educational Services
    • Jericho Vocational Services CenterSHIELDS’ Jericho Vocational Services Center (JVSC) serves South Los Angeles residents as well as ex-offenders returning to the South Los Angeles community under California’s AB 109 PRCS (Post-Release Community Supervision) jurisdiction.
  • Re-Entry Services
    • Back on Track: The Back on Track program provides re-entry program opportunities for both in-custody and out-of-custody Los Angeles County jail offenders.
    • Probation System Navigation: SHIELDS’ Probation System Navigation program serves adult probationers and Department of Juvenile Justice wards in Service Planning Area 6 of Los Angeles County.
  • Housing Services
    • Homeless Family Solution System: The HFSS serves homeless individuals and families residing in South Los Angeles.
    • Rapid Re-Housing: The Rapid Re-Housing for Adults and Veterans (RRAV) program serves single adults and veterans seeking housing in the City of Los Angeles.
  • DUI, DV and Anger Management 
    • Place of FamilyPlace of Family provides DUI, DV, and anger management educational services to individuals who are court-ordered to participate in diversion programs.
  • Jordan Downs Housing Development Services
    • Family First: SHIELDS’ Family First program provides on-site intensive home and center-based services for residents of the Jordan Downs Housing Development in Watts.