Welcome to SHIELDS for Families!

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in a condemned trailer on the campus of Martin Luther King Medical Center – putting furniture together and developing forms in order to start up our first program, Genesis. Believing we could help families stay together, we opened the doors in September 1990. We didn’t know if families would come to treatment… but they did… and they kept coming… and we kept listening and building the agency to respond to what they said they needed. Now, here we are today, with 35 programs and 380 staff, providing child welfare, mental health, substance abuse treatment, child and youth development and supportive services to over 7,000 families every year… and still growing.

For over 25 years SHIELDS has been in the community building resources, providing services, and changing the landscape of social services from informing legislation to designing innovative program models that actually work! Our programs have been recognized nationally and internationally because as the largest family-centered service provider in South Los Angeles we have worked diligently to reduce the number of drug-exposed newborns, keep families together, and ensure that every family has the education and tools they need to be successful and in turn be catalysts for change in their own lives and communities.

I feel honored to be a part of this agency, where so many people have given their passion and commitment to making a difference… and I am humbled to be a part of an executive team that has stayed together for over 25 years in order to help guide and direct our vision.

Our vision is simple: We believe that, with education, access to appropriate services, and caring guidance, families can rebuild their lives,become productive members of the community and nurturing parents, and achieve all of their dreams.

We hope you’ll join SHIELDS for Families in Believing, Building and Becoming in 2015…